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SupportGuard Products and Solutions
Centralize, organize, measure, monitor and manage all enterprise IT assets, service contracts and vendors

As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, we wanted to take this opportunity to reassure you our sale teams remain dedicated to providing you the best service.
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The Simplest Way To Manage All Your IT Assets

SupportGuard helps you manage all your hardware and software IT assets in one place.

Make informed decisions on asset utilization to better budget for IT investment, and to effectively manage the renewal of your infrastructure.


Powerful Features

IT Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

Centrally manage all assets, service contracts and vendors in a single view.

Maintenance Management

budgeting and reporting

Budgeting And Reporting

Easily create budgets and track actual vs projected spend on every asset.

Budgeting & Reporting

Hybrid Maintenance

Hybrid Maintenance

Simply manage all support & maintenance agreements through OEM & third party suppliers.

Hybrid Maintenance

Managing Your IT Assets Couldn't Be Easier

Spend time doing things that matter. No more guessing where any IT assets are or who maintains them.

SupportGuard centrally manages hardware, software, licensing, and any other asset in a simple to use interface.

Gain key insights into your asset base by grouping items by location, vendor, support contract, start and expiry dates and more to create a powerful single view of your base.

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Manage IT Assets

IT budgets at your fingertips

IT Budgets At Your Fingertips

SupportGuard allows you to create detailed forecasts and budgets to prepare f​or future infrastructure, maintenance and support.

Perform simple savings analyses for various support and maintenance contract options.

Track actual vs. budgeted spend so that you are always on top.

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Third Party Maintenance

SupportGuard give you access to a variety of maintenance contract options including OEM and third party alternatives. Get quotes instantly from multiple sources.

Save money, plan smartly and manage risk by viewing all contracts in one place. ​Never let a maintenance contract lapse again.

Place service requests, track all service activity and measure performance from the same interface.

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Third party maintenance

Gartner Trends

"A recent Gartner Report found that maintenance costs represent 25% of total enterprise IT budgets. 30% of that number is created by premium support calls for equipment that is not covered by a support contract, typically due to a missed renewal "

Gartner Report "How to Reduce Network Equipment Maintenance Costs"

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